Workflo uses innovative cloud integration solutions to improve & automate bookkeeping processes.

With our skills and expertise we want to make a positive impact to the lives of entrepreneurs & businesses by simplifying the complexity of bookkeeping.

Our services


We are experts within bookkeeping and have the team and technology to take this task off your hands.

Cloud integration

Thanks to new applications that have been optimised for Xero, not only your bookkeeping but other processes can be optimised to help grow your business.

Data migration

Are you a new Xero user or is your current system preventing your growth, we can migrate your data to Xero and have you set up so that you can enjoy cloud integration.


Upgrade your bookkeeping processes with cloud technology.

Workflo can implement innovative cloud accounting solutions and build robust bookkeeping processes for your business.


Wave goodbye to heavily manual processes thanks to tech such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


Seamlessly connect with your team across your business to deliver your goals on time.


Reduce the time spent on chasing approvals and create a workflow for such tasks.


All data is stored via the cloud, so no more filing invoices into your cabinets. Keep non finance users out of your accounting system.

Feature one

Stay focused

We have a plethora of bookkeeping experience, let us handle it while you run your business.
Feature two

Stay updated

We will find & implement the best cloud solutions for your business processes and will help you maintain them.
Feature three

Stay organised

We will ensure that your records are kept up to date and updated regularly so that you have an accurate view of your business' finances.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Workflo and what is cloud integration?

Who are Workflo?

Workflo is an approachable solution for your bookkeeping process. We work with businesses to build tailored workflows and processes by implementing cloud solutions to ensure growth, efficiency & peace of mind.

What does Workflo do?

We work to understand your day to day challenges, once identified we implement state of the art cloud systems that will provide an intuitive solution. These solutions are seamless, paperless and are accessible from mobile devices

What is cloud integration?

Cloud integration is simply combining cloud based systems such as Xero  with another cloud based system such as an inventory tool. Your data will now be processed through the inventory tool and fed to Xero, now giving you a clearer breakdown of your inventory.

How will Workflo improve my bookkeeping processes?

Firstly, we will review your current bookkeeping processes and see if there are any rooms for improvement. Once identified we will; propose a solution; implement, trial and go live. Once live we will manage your bookkeeping.

What is data migration?

To ensure that you are complying with legal requirements regarding record keeping, we will ensure that your data is moved to your new cloud based accounting system, Xero, this is also important so that you can have a true view of your business' finances.

What should I do next?

Schedule a free call with Workflo, let us understand your business and improve your bookkeeping processes.


Starting at
For those who are just getting started and want us to take care of your bookkeeping matters.
  • Dedicated bookkeeping
  • VAT returns - quarterly
  • Bookkeeping - 50 transactions per month
  • Records updated monthly
  • Xero subscription
  • Dext subscription


Starting at
Get real time insight into your business, we will process your books on a daily basis.
  • Dedicated bookkeeping
  • VAT returns - quarterly
  • Bookkeeping - 500 transactions per month
  • Records updated weekly
  • Xero subscription
  • Dext subscription

Let us take care of your bookkeeping

Book a 30 minute strategy call with us so we can understand your business.

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